Have you ever been to Rutledge Falls in Tullahoma, TN?

Actualizado: 11 de nov de 2020

Hey there, it’s been so beautiful lately with the weather cooling down that Lacy and I went out to Rutledge Falls, here In Tullahoma, Tennessee. I love living here because it’s so scenic and there’s always som to do. Here are a few pics that I want to share with you.

Rutledge Falls is on privately owned land and the owners are are such a blessing because they open it up to everyone, including animals for daytime use only. There are no fees to enter and parking isn’t generally a problem. It’s great for families with young children because there’s a footpath that goes down to the water (on the opposite side of the falls), that isn’t as difficult as the main path.

It’s a beautiful place to visit in a town that I now call HOME. I hope you come to visit sometime, you’ll love it!

*~Hugz n Blessings~* Elizabeth

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